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I use the free Lilypond to engrave this music.

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New Lotti concerto

Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni (1671 - 1751)

Concerti a Cinque, Op 9

After original edition 1722, Lund University Library, Sweden
I intend to contribute with all 12 concerts from this opus in the future.

Concerto I

Concerto II

Concerto III

Concerto IV

Concerto V

Concerto VI

Concerto VII

Concerto VIII

Concerto IX

Concerto X

Concerto XI

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Concerto XII

Antonio Lotti (c:a 1667 - 1740)

Concerto for Oboe d'amore and Strings in A major

Partly after original, Lund University Library, Sweden

Concerto in A, Hautbois d'amour


Pär Stolpe, 2011